Doctors call the story of 9-year-old Sofiika a real miracle. April 4. Explosions of cluster bombs. Mother Nina with her 9-year-old daughter Sofiika was in the street in the middle of a residential block. A fragment from cluster bombs passed more than 11 cm through the girl’s entire brain from the frontal area to the back of the head… For two days, Sofiika lay in a coma in Mykolaiv. All the time, Nina prayed to God for only one thing – that her daughter would survive and not lose her memory. And she could not hold back her tears when Sofiyka, regaining consciousness, shouted: “Mommy!”.

Then the girl was evacuated to Lviv, to the UNBROKEN National Rehabilitation Center based in the First Medical Union of Lviv.

Here, a team of neurosurgeons performed a complex surgery – removed a bomb fragment from the brain, closing the defect with a titanium plate. In the future, the girl will undergo long rehabilitation. Sofiika is starting to speak little by little and is actively training to continue learning to play a musical instrument and make come true her biggest dream of singing on stage one day.

During the war, St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital in Lviv became a place of salvation for hundreds of small Ukrainians affected by the war. Children like Sofiika are transported by evacuation trains and ambulances. Here, every doctor, nurse, and worker does everything to save children, who suffered from military aggression.

The number of patients has almost tripled. And modern medical equipment is needed to provide high-quality care.

Now the surgeons of the children’s hospital face a difficult challenge – the queue of children for surgery. Surgeons are forced to operate at night to save all the children. This is also accompanied by constant blackouts and air alarms. Every day in St. Nicholas Hospital, 5-7 small patients need operations. And the anesthesia station is indispensable for long-term anesthesia. It is also needed for surgical, neurosurgical, and cardiac surgeries.

Today, the hospital has one such station, but at least 3 are needed. This will allow doctors to quickly and simultaneously perform an even greater number of surgeries, and children will not have to wait for them to be performed and lose precious time.

The anesthesia breathing device is the equipment that ensures high accuracy of control of the vital functions of the body during operations and creates the necessary level of safety for the patient.

The cost of one device is UAH 2.2 million. This will help to save 7 small patients every day, more than 2 thousand children a year only within St. Nicholas Hospital.

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