The goal of the project is to restore beauty to those who suffered from war with the help of face reconstruction.

The goal of the project is to raise UAH 32 million for purchasing the best equipment for the face reconstruction department of the Unbroken Center and to show that war can take away external but not internal beauty. War will not break the Unbroken.

She was walking down the street when a cruise missile flew into the nearby 9-storey building. Debris flew in all directions and one of them hit a chemistry teacher Olena Svitlova directly in the face. It was in June in Lysychansk. All that the woman remembers is the soldier who picked her up and asked her not to lose consciousness. But she fainted.

Olena recovered only after three weeks. All this time doctors in Dnipro were returning the woman from death and they were taking out glass and fragments from her cut face. She lost her right eye and there was a hole instead of her nose. A half-face bandage covered the wound. Olena never dares to look under it. She learned that she had lost her eye already in Lviv – at the National Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN.

Olena is one of thousands of Ukrainians who were crippled by the war. Severe mine-explosive, gunshot injuries and burns. Bullets and missiles of the enemy hit no matter who they are – military or civilians. War leaves injuries on the face and body, takes away life.

Ukrainians affected by the war receive help at the Unbroken National Rehabilitation Center of the First Medical Union of Lviv. This is already more than 11 thousand people. Dozens of them have terrible facial injuries. Maxillofacial surgeons of the Center perform the most complex reconstructive surgaries. They literally put parts of patients’ faces together, close wounds and holes in bones. They are already giving back hope to Ukrainians who have been injured and are afraid to see their reflection in the mirror and enable them to get help from professionals.

In this work the specialists of the Center are constantly helped by colleagues from the best clinics in the world – the USA, Great Britain and Israel. They use state-of-the-art technologies, constantly develop, share experience and help to establish a systemic work in saving patients who need facial reconstruction surgaries.

Olena gets in such reliable hands of specialists at the Center. An extremely complicated, many-hour facial reconstruction surgary is ahead. Doctors patch up wounds – remove russian marks on the face of this Ukrainian woman. The hole in the nose is closed. Doctors are satisfied with the result.

Olena dares to look in the mirror again. A woman finds the strength to smile, go outside and start fighting for a chance to regain her face.

Olena still has complex plastic surgeries ahead. To perform them in Ukraine, the UNBROKEN Center needs the best equipment for facial reconstruction. And we, supporting the “Unbroken Beauty” project, can help bring Olena and everyone whose beauty was stolen by the war back to life without fear of showing their faces.

The “Unbroken Beauty” project is not about equipment and not about tools.

It is about hope.

It is about the desire to live.

It is about the ability to smile at a passer-by or at your reflection.

It is about the strength and unity of Ukrainians, when everyone is doing everything to help each other get back to life right now.

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