Lviv Croissants are joining a charity initiative to help raise 100 million for the project “Prosthetics for Unbroken”. On December 27, the restaurant chain will start collecting 2,000,000 hryvnias: this amount will be enough to provide a prosthesis to one more Ukrainian. Such as Dmytro, who cheers for Ukraine and is ready to fight for it to the end.

Dmytro is 27 years old and he came from Greece to Ukraine to study. When russia started a full-scale invasion, he immediately joined the ranks of combat medics. At first, he rescued boys and girls from the Kyiv region.

When we pushed the enemy out of the capital, Dmytro went to serve in the war zone. Thanks to him, almost 200 of our defenders were evacuated from the battlefield.

And then… Dmytro himself became one of those who had to be evacuated.

“I’m being held by two nurses, and I’m hitting the wall with the rest of my hand and screaming,” – this is how Dmytro describes how he found out about the loss of his hand in the hospital.

However, amputation was only the beginning. The doctor had to undergo five more operations in order to save a significant part of the limb. Currently, Dmytro is receiving prosthetics free of charge in the Rehabilitation Center UNBROKEN on the basis of the First Medical Association of Lviv. This is a unique place where every Ukrainian, who suffered from the war gets a chance to be saved, provided prosthetics and rehabilitated. Since the beginning of the war, more than 7,000 victims have received help. Including our defenders. A team of specialists works with each person here. The patient does not need to look for help abroad. All the best Ukrainians get at home, in their country – in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, there are thousands of people in Ukraine who need such prosthetics. The doctors of the UNBROKEN center are ready to provide them with qualified assistance right now, for this they need to purchase state-of-the-art prostheses.

How to join the charity initiative from Lviv Croissants:

From December 27 to January 31, buy special stickers along with delicious croissants at Lviv Croissants – all proceeds from their sale will be added to the total amount collected for this project. The cost of the sticker is 20 hryvnias.

Win a year’s subscription to croissants. Every person, who donates 100 hryvnias or more on this page of the platform will take part in a lottery for an annual subscription for croissants. Don’t forget to include your contact details (email) while making a donation.

The benefactor, who donates the largest amount on the collection page will choose the name for the new limited croissants from Lviv Croissants.

Join the charity campaign “Give a chance for recovery”, buy charity stickers, make donations online and tell your friends about this campaign. Together we can help even more defenders!

Make a donation to our charity account

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